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Catholic Leadership Formation for Students

Raising up leaders to change the world!

Join Equip for the Winter/Spring Semester

If you or your teen were unable to join us for Equip this past semester and you are still interested, now is your chance! All 8th-12th grade students are invited to join beginning Sunday, January 12th from 12:00pm-2:00pm.

For our second semester together we will be focusing on just one series: YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body. 

This series is based on St. John Paul II’s landmark and revolutionary Theology of the Body, which offers a very positive message of the gift of sexuality as a good and essential part of love and life. It is our hope that this series will provide teens with the knowledge and understanding they need concerning the meaning and purpose of their very existence.

Identity. Gender. Love. Chastity. The world is a difficult place for teens, and it has become increasingly hard for parents and the Church to help teens discover the truth about their bodies, their sexuality, and their unique call to love.

YOU. cuts through the noise to present an authentic view of the human person. It presents young people with the extraordinary story of their creation as unrepeatable individuals. But the program doesn’t stop there.

Recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children in matters of faith and morals, this program includes a rich parental component:

  1. To give you assistance and encouragement in discussing critical issues with your children, you will receive a YOU Parent’s Guide. This booklet summarizes the program session by session, allowing you to follow along as your teen receives the instruction. The booklet also provides helpful questions and family applications to foster meaningful conversation at home.
  2. A helpful YOU Parent Video that introduces the YOU program and addresses some of the sensitive topics that will be discussed during this course.
  3. Some Frequently Asked Questions which you will find below.

Equip Winter/Spring Calendar


Sunday, January 12th

Sunday, January 19th


Sunday, February 2nd

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Sunday, March 1st

Sunday, March 15th

Sunday, March 29th


Sunday, April 19th

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Sunday, May 3rd



What is the Theology of the Body?

The Theology of the Body refers to the series of 129 lectures given by St. John Paul II during his Wednesday audiences in Rome between September 1979 and November 1984. These addresses were later compiled and published as a single work entitled Theology of the Body According to John Paul II (now called Man and Woman He Created Them). The Theology of the Body covers such topics as the bodily dimension of the human person, the nature of human sexuality, the human need for communion, and the nature of marriage.

What will the YOU program do for my teen?

This program will help them understand the meaning of their lives. It will answer the questions they have about their own bodies, about the Church’s teachings on sexual morality, and how they were created for greatness. This program will help them to unlearn the misguided teachings of the modern culture and provide them with the very key to life—the key to happiness and peace. It will help them discover the ultimate purpose for which God created them—communion with him.

Why do teens need this?

Teens, in fact, all human beings, were made for greatness. We were made to know God, know truth, and live life in a way that brings us peace and happiness. These pursuits, though, are hard to come by in today’s distracting and permissive culture. As a result, it is perhaps harder to live as a teenager today than at any other time. The wounds our teenagers experience are deep and manifold. Today’s teens are starving for real love; they are looking for meaningful and lasting relationships. They have witnessed firsthand the pain of divorce and seen how permissive sex plays out in their own lives and the lives of those around them. Due to our culture’s focus on immediate gratification, many teens have lost their way, and in the process, have lost hope. YOU and the solid wisdom of the Theology of the Body brought through this program will help restore their hope because it reveals for them a road map to real love and authentic happiness.

Is this a sex-ed program?

No. While YOU addresses for teenagers the real questions they have about their sexuality, it is much more comprehensive than traditional chastity programs. Such programs often take a “no” approach to sex, placing an emphasis on abstinence. This, of course, is good, but the Theology of the Body language offers us much more. It offers us a new language that is rooted in human freedom. The Theology of the Body looks at the human experience and proposes to each of us a vision for love and life that resonates in a profound and satisfying way. In short, it is a very positive presentation of the gift of human sexuality.

Aren’t the concepts taught in this program too lofty for teens?

No. This program is the fruit of many years of experience in youth ministry and education. It builds on the strengths of the program that preceded it and has been a help to thousands of teens over the past decade. Based on this experience, great consideration was given in making YOU relevant, relatable, and understandable for today’s Catholic teenager. The students may, at times, be challenged by the Theology of the Body, but its content is perfectly suited for a Catholic teenage audience.

How explicit is the material covered in YOU?

The program is faithful to the language of St. John Paul II’s original lectures. As such, it presents the Church’s teachings on human sexuality using specific—but never overly explicit or graphic— language. Therefore, we believe that its content is appropriate for the maturity level of the average Catholic teen.

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You don't have to know a lot of things for your life to make a lasting difference in the world. You just have to know a few unchanging, simple, and glorious things, and be set on fire by them.

Drawing upon the best of Catholic truth, Scripture, the lives of saints, and leadership development, we will raise up leaders to change the world.

EQUIP prepares the next generation for more than a career path. We believe excellence extends beyond classes and curriculum to also develop character, creativity and genuine community.

When does it begin?

Come and See Info Session

Sunday, August 25th at 12:00pm

Course Begins

Sunday, September 8th at 12:00pm

Who is it for?

8th-12th grade students

(2019-2020 academic year)

When and Where?

Twice a month on Sunday


12:00pm-2:00pm at St. Catharine Church

What's a session like?


Prayer and Praise & Worship


Small Group

How much?

$99* -> $49 for just the Winter/Spring Semester

• Lunch for the entire year

• T-shirt

• S.O.A.P. Journal

• Other fun surprises...

*Scholarships are available. We never want cost to be a hindrance at St. Catharine.


Is High School Youth Group still happening on Sunday evenings?

No. This is the latest evolution of high school youth group at St. Catharine. This is not a canned program, but a course that has been specifically developed at St. Catharine, for St. Catharine students. Plus you still have to do that homework you've been putting off all weekend.

*Middle School Youth Group (for 6th-8th) will still take place on 2nd Saturdays 6:00pm-8:00pm.

How is this different than religion class or PSR?

Equip is focused not on just a transfer of information, but personal transformation. There are no tests and there is no regurgitation of information. The fruit will come be in a life well-lived.

Why is there a cost?

To cover the cost for your lunch, and all course material including your own prayer journal, t-shirt, and plenty of other fun things.

Still have questions?

If you are ready to register, go ahead and fill out the form below. Please make your payment at the time of your registration.

If you are unable to pay for any reason or if you have any questions, please contact Brendan O'Rourke at